Mediun UI 1.7 Premium Blogger Template Download

Download Median UI 1.7 Premium Blogger Template Latest Version. If you are looking for an attractive template that is mobile-friendly, SEO friendly.

Download Median UI 1.7 Blogger Template Latest Version, You can download Median UI Blogger Template V1.7 Premium. Median UI 1.7 Blogger Template easily.

A good template is essential for a blog site because to popularize a blog site to spread its lack among the public to attract people's minds to encourage visitors a good template can't be an alternative if a good template and its speed is very high then it is very helpful in Google ranking. At the same time, if not used, visitors are not expected to come back and get bored, so we present to you a blogger template with good quality, popular people-pleasing, a tablet median UI 1.7 blogger template that can be customized as desired.

Median UI 1.7 premium theme for free. This blogger template is based on UI design. And it was created to provide a good user experience and looks very nice so futures are a perfect template for many good blog sites. Also, it can add some more features for your convenience.

MedianUI is incredibly user-friendly and the design is responsive. This is a blogger theme to enhance your weblog with your creativity You can make changes to your blog theme as per your requirements like changing colors, adding widgets and changing other features.

  I am going to give you a proper overview of this template which I am using for my blog. It is very easy to use and has many features like mobile version, premium features, super responsive and many more.

  If you are looking for an attractive template that is mobile-friendly, SEO friendly and responsive, then MedianUI 1.7 Template Blogger Template will meet your requirements. With this latest update of blogger templates, we have added many new features to give bloggers a competitive edge over their competitors.

Feature availability

  •  JResponsive yes
  •  Google Tool Validator Yes
  •  SEO Friendly Yes
  •  Mobile Friendly Yes
  •  404 page Yes
  •  Featured Posts Yes
  •  Shortcode yes
  •  Auto read with thumbnail Yes
  •  Ad Ready Yes
  •  Responsive footing yes
  •  Social Follow Button Yes
  •  Multi drop down Yes
  •  Search Widget Yes
  •  Related Posts with Thumbnails Yes
  •  Social Share Button Yes
  •  Email Newsletter Widget Yes
  •  Recent Posts Widget Yes
  •  Detailed documentation Yes
  •  Responsive menu and layout Yes
  • Median UI 1.7 new features
  •  New comment section
  •  Right click box
  •  Best response
  •  SEO score ranges from 98 on mobile to 100 on desktop
  •  Zero error posting post
  •  Best response
  •  Median UI 1.7 Premium Features
  •  Download for free
  •  No encrypted script
  •  Do not accept updates
  •  Remove footer credits
  •  Lifetime Premium Support
  •  Do not accept updates
  •  Median UI Blogger Template Professional
  •  Responsive.
  •  One-click dark mode.
  •  SEO friendly.
  •  Easy to customize.
  •  Fully ad responsive.
  •  SVG icons are supported.
  •  Custom widgets.
  •  Nice menu.
  •  Detailed documentation.
  •  Fully ad responsive.

 Median UI Blogger Template Cons

 A little expensive. But you can get free from our blog

 Free templates are best not to use high resolution photos if used at all

 If you upload high resolution images you may experience slow loading


  1.   Download the Median UI 1.7 template file in the link
  2.   Open file
  3.   Select XML
  4.   Copy all contacts
  5.   Now open blogger
  6.  Now enter theme section in blogger and see
  7.   Now open Edit
  8.   Now delete all previous XML code
  9.   So, paste the previously copied XML code here
  10.   Click Save
  11.   Test your site

  Congratulations you have got Media UI 1.7 Blogger Template

What isBlog site?

 blog site is a great tool to spread your knowledge to the public as you wish. Anyone who wants to open a blog site is able to spread their knowledge to the general public through Google. By typing in google and searching for the solution when your blog site has its solution then that person can easily benefit from your blog site which is able to guide people in the right direction as well as when you write a content that contains a lot of information and age. If you write usefully, besides benefiting people, a confidence will be created within yourself, a depth of your knowledge will also increase, the inertia of writing will gradually disappear.

Median UI 1.7 blogger template 2022 latest version 

By using this template your blog site will be unique from all other blog sites which you will like very much. Many people search for this template. It is a good tamper to use on your block site. You can try this template. Hope it is very good You will need and it will look very beautiful although you have to buy and use this template but the interesting thing is that solution somadanmedia is giving this tablet for you completely free take this template

Download Median UI 1.7 Premium Blogger Template

Demo Download

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