Website Under Maintenance Template - HTML Code

No Need any external website link. Just Copy the code paste on your website or blogger. 

Every website needs maintenance at some point. To improve a part of the site or because of any problem with the site, this is an unavoidable fact of website ownership. And in most cases, maintenance will require you to take your site offline for at least a few minutes. What should you do if your site is down for maintenance? You don't want users to land on a 404 or other error page. And you want to encourage them to visit your site sooner, right? If so, you need to create a custom maintenance page. 

Website Under Maintenance Template

Further, The website life cycle goes through several phases. One of them is maintenance. In this case, you need a website under maintenance template. This happens when the website owner feels that the website needs to be improved. This could be due to a website redesign or security patch update. The website is also down while the website is being completely overhauled. If the user arrives at your website and doesn't open it, you'll have a bad impression. So, you need a website under construction template or a coming soon template. There is no better way if you can get a free html template for this purpose. Our free templates will help you achieve this.

1. Copy the following code and paste the following instructions:-
Open your blogger - click settings - scroll down - In Errors and redirects click custom 404 - paste the following code - click save.
Note : After pasting change name of VSVP Tech to your website name.

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