Stock Market Data Widget on Blogger HTML Code

Grab an overview of global markets performance, including change values, Open, High, Low, and Close values for selected financial instruments.

Stock Market Data Widget on Blogger HTML Code

After inserting this widget, you’ll be able to create the atmosphere of a stock market widget right on your website. There will be an opportunity to add a detailed overview of global markets performance, and show the most relevant stocks for the day. Also, you’ll be able to perform change values and various stock symbols. Finally, you’ll have an opportunity to present all stocks and financial data on your website - charts, prices, tickers.

Stock Market Data Widget on Blogger HTML Code


1. Copy the code and paste on your Blogger Page or on Add Gadget "HTML/CSS Code"
2. Width and Height (if you want change it)
3. Done.

1. Advanced Real-Time Chart Widget

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Get an overview of global markets performance, including change values, open, high, low and close values ​​for selected financial instruments.

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Markets by TradingView
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