Show Post Title or Page Title before Blog Title in Blogger SEO

If you use Google Blogger, you should search for SEO tips. Google Blogger by default displays the blog title before the post title or page title. This is not a good thing because if your blog title is long, the post title may not be visible in search results due to title character or pixel limitation. This means that the keywords used in the post title will not work and very few people will find your blog post in the search results.

Show Post Title or Page Title before Blog Title

In short, your blog traffic is not growing significantly, which means you will get limited readership for your blog. If your blog post title precedes the blog title, the keyword used in the post title or page title will work and you will get more users than ever before because a keyword rich post title will be crawled faster by search bots and your blog's search ranking will improve.

By default – Blog title before post title or page title

Customized Post title or page title before blog title

How to show post title or page title before
  • Go to Blogger
  • Click Theme Folder
  • Click Edit HTML
  • Press CTRL+F Key and Search the following code 

5. Now delete above code and paste the following code

6. Done.

1. For check visit this link
2. Copy your post link and paste on above website and click "Generate Preview"
3. Now your preview showing

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