Add a Scroll bar HTML Code

A vertical or horizontal bar, usually to the right or bottom of the window, allows you to move the window's viewing area up, down, left, or right. Most people today are familiar with scroll bars because of the need to scroll up and down on almost every web page.

Add a Scroll bar HTML Code

How to scroll and use the scroll bar

Scroll bars are used using a mouse, touchpad or keyboard. With the mouse, you can move the scroll bar by clicking the scroll arrow on either end of the scroll bar. You can also click an empty area of ​​the scroll bar or click and drag a scroll box. With the keyboard, you can scroll several lines at once using the up or down arrow keys. Use the Page Up and Page Down keys or the Spacebar to scroll down one page at a time. Most computers today have a mouse with a wheel or button that allows you to scroll up and down and sometimes left to right. See the IntelliMouse definition for more information about these mice.

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