Alarm Clock for Computer

This software designed by me. Backend VB. Small size Software. No need to install. This freeware program allows you to set as many alarms as you like. You can set one-time alarms or recurring alarms - activate only from Monday to Friday and give yourself the opportunity to sleep in on weekends. Specially used in Indian Train TATKAL Time.

Alarm Clock for Computer

Label the different alarms to indicate the actions you need to take when the alarm sounds. After setting the time and sound for each alarm, you can use the text field to write a note to yourself as a reminder of the alarm's purpose.

Have you ever wondered if you could use a resident program to wake your computer from a suspended power conservation mode and not waste that power? The answer is yes, it is possible! Free Alarm Clock will let you do just that. This feature is PC specific and only possible for PCs that can go into sleep mode.

alarm clock software

No matter how complicated your schedule is, the alarm clock has everything you need to keep track of time. You can set a daily alarm or configure multiple complex alarms that trigger over certain weeks, calendar days, weeks, or months.

Alarms and timers, stopwatches and to-do lists, birthday reminders and everything else you can imagine are instantly available.

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